Friday, April 20, 2012

Universal`s Islands Of Adventure

Well Island`s of Adventure was one of our favourite parks, we had so much fun here. Walking in was truly magical.
First we headed to Seuss Landing, this was a lovely laid out children's area  which colourful rides Cat in the hat, If I ran the zoo, and a lovely train ride.
Moving on we entered The Lost Continent, here we went on the wonderful adventure of Poseiden`s fury. Adventuring through the labyrinthine of the sea on a enchanted journey of fury and rage of one of the great gods.
We also watched The stunt show of The Eighth Voyage Of Sinbad. Here Sinbad was on a mission to rescue the fair maiden from the evil witch.
Dudley Do Rights Ripsaw Falls  What A Ride ! Soaked Again 
The Hulk 

Seuss Landing Kiddy Land 

Entering The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter, well what can I say this was excellent. We visited the Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey Ride. We ended up on this 4 times it was FAB. Strapped in on a broomstick adventure in 4D we flew over Hogwarts aided by Harry Potter meeting dragons, de-mentors and other fable creatures. We loved this ride it was so good and so real.
Aaron and I went on the Flight Of The Hippogriff a rollercoaster with baskets as carts, this was fun but over so fast.
Both Aaron and I also went on the Dragon Challenge, here we climbed aboard a ferocious dragon and into combat. This was a high speed  rollercoaster with twists and loops. I came off this one a very funny colour so Simon say`s.  I was not going to give up I was on a rollercoaster challenge with Aaron. ;-)  who would give in first ??   Not me said I !
Harry Potter World was amazing. 


Soaked To The Skin  FAB TIMES 
Toon Lagoon  well this was an experience in itself. It was like walking into Toon Town. With toon bubble signs water shoots all over the place. Again Aaron and I were off on the rides. We ended up soaked from head to toe. You could actually ring me out. Everything went see through which gave us all a giggle. It was a good job I had my granny suck it in`s on.  Popeye Barges was so funny water was coming at us at all angles. Bit like the river rapids at UK parks but lots more wetter. It was a good job it was so very hot we dried of quick.
Ripsaw was a log flume type ride which also had a toboggan type ending. It just shot off down the last bit leaving me screaming again we ended up completely soaked. Great Fun !

Popeye & Bluto`s Bilge-Rat Barges 


Toon Lagoon 


The Hulk 

Marvel Super Hero Island was a it was self-portrait filled with super hero rides. The Incredible Hulk Coaster was fantastic. You shot up the tube as the hulk changed and went on the rampage on the high speed coaster with loop the loop twists and turns and a few surprises. Brilliant ! 
The Adventures of Spider Man was fantastic with its 3D eye popping adventure. Coasting through the world of Spider Man as he defended it from the villains.   

Marvel Super Hero Island 

toon time 

so very true  

Ripsaw falls got us soaked scream factor

Butter Bear  Harry Potter 

trying to soak Simon naughty boy 

soaking wet with big smiles 

Toon Lagoon  Getting Wet

Jurassic Park was filled with Dinosaur adventure. from Pteranodon Flyers to the River Boat ride around to see the Dinosaurs. Again we got soaked here !  As the River Ride ended with a huge water plunge non of us expected.
The discovery centre I found fascinating  with life like dinosaurs which could be controlled by telescopes and mechanical movement. There was also a lab here were scientists were creating eggs genetically  amazing. 

Jurassic Park River Adventure  

Jurassic Park 

Mr Squirrel  Please see Lesley`s Coffee Stop  For More Pictures 

The Hulk 

Flight Of The Hippogriff

Train To Hogwarts 

Welcome To The Magical World Of Harry Potter

The Lost Continent

The Hulk 

Run Forest Run

We loved this park  along with the 2nd park Universal Studios Florida which is my next blog.

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