Monday, April 9, 2012

Mystic Dunes

Recently  of we trotted to Manchester Airport for a trip we have always wanted to do. Just over 4 years ago I had this trip arranged, but sadly Daniel died just 6 weeks before we were due to leave. I have always promised Aaron we would do the trip when we felt we were ready to be able to cope with the pain of not having Daniel with us in person, although his presence is often felt around us. I also changed the trip quite a bit adding in lots more which would gain Aaron a wealth of education whilst we where there. 
We boarded the plane early in the morning with a direct flight to Sandford in Florida. 
It was a long flight but we all had a good time on the plane, all very excited. A taxi was waiting for us at the airport to take us to our apartment at Mystic Dunes in Celebration just outside Orlando. 

We had been there a couple of days when one of the reps took us on a tour of the complex. There was a big lake next to our apartment. The rep went on to say that an alligator had moved into the lake a few days earlier. He told us what to do if it gave chase ! Not to run on a straight line as he could run up to 40 mph ?  He told us to run n zig zags as this affects his sight and he is then unable to detect you. Well  I thought he was having us on. I knew alligators lived in the Everglades in Florida but surely not on a holiday complex ? 
How wrong I was, there one night when we came on late sure enough two scaly eyes were peering at us. We saw him often after that he was about 4 foot long and was so at ease with people coming and going from the apartment. I was surprised to find out that many alligators lived along side the people in Florida. There were many lakes around and about. A golfer also told us they sun themselves on the golf course as long as you leave them in peace and do not try and retrieve your golf ball from next to it they leave you alone.

The complex was stunning with lakes and paved pathways with wild rugged edging which followed onto a huge golf course. There was a total of 3 swimming pools, the one pictured below with a waterfall. When we went swimming we used the garden pool which had a fountain and volley ball net. Aaron and I played volley ball in the pool. It was very hot there most days it topped 90 C we soon had a tan.
There was lots to do on the complex from tennis, basket ball, table tennis, crazy golf. We all played crazy gold a couple of times. We also borrowed some bicycles one day which was fun as they had no breaks you had to back pedal. Everyone gave me a wide birth as I wobbled around. 
There was also a lovely golf club house with very well attended restaurant and bar. The complex was very posh indeed. Mystic Dunes is part of Diamond International which we are members, the membership was bought for us as a present so we can do lots of travelling all over the world. All the places we have visited had been so lovely we are all thrilled with the prospects which lie ahead. We already have other holidays booked.

Our apartment was stunning. It had full air conditioning which was a blessing as the heat was unbearable at times. With a huge shower room and jacuzzi bath tub  and a small balcony. Just lovely.

Aaron is now as tall as his mum ? 

the garden pool were we swam 

There were many of this little lizards all around. One American man told us how as children they used to catch them and hang them on their ears as earrings. Of course Aaron had to have a go !
We also saw snakes along the paths when walking to the club house. 
Mystic Dunes is stunning. 
Well this was the place we stayed, what we got up to in the States  will been next. Not to be missed the American Dream  Daniel`s Dream xxxx

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