Monday, April 30, 2012

Everglades : Florida

An amazing experience was had by all. We visited the home of the Alligator`s. Driving across the swamps is an experience itself, with acres upon acres of swamp land. The tour was not to be missed as we sailed out rather fast on a air boat. .
The swamps went on for miles and miles. Alligators of all  shapes  and sizes swam  and rested freely with in the nature reserve. 
We took a look around the shop and outside at the range of different activities, before going on our air boat  ride. We saw many different alligators  on our travels around the swap. 
After the air boat ride we went to watch a show which included the keeper wrestling s an enormousness  Alligator .He was one brave man or very stupid as he place his hands gripped hold of the alligator. We even got  to hold one   please see photographs.
All in all in was a fantastic day out ! We loved it !

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