Saturday, April 21, 2012

Universal Studios Florida

Universal Studio`s was another FAB park. Production Central held the key to two great adventures totally different in many ways. First there was Shrek 4-D a wonderful interactive screen show starring guess who  Shrek.  Then there was Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket, well what can I say this was one mad bad rollercoaster. Choosing the music as you went vertical towards the sky then dropping down into loops and hoops and corkscrews. Wow what fun we had on this we even have a DVD.

Fear Factor Live 

The New York part of the park was fun pack too ! Twister took us behind the scenes of one of the most action packed films name sakes Twister. We watched as the swirling vortex of a tornado blew ducking and diving hiding from the on coming winds.
Revenge of the mummy plunged us into darkness on a indoor roller coaster facing fireballs, scarab beetles and a army of warrior mummies. 
The Blues Brothers Show was were we set to party with blues music rocking the streets around universal studio`s. 


San Francisco saw us taking a seat to watch a classic universal monster show starring the man himself Beetlejuice. It was a spooking spectacular that had us rocking in the aisles. 
Disaster was a some what harrowing yet hilarious trip into the world of disaster movies. The whole of the audience joined in the fun till we boarded a tram which took us on a journey into the underground  for a metro crash. Spectacular !
Fear Factor was as it said People competed to see who would win this most fearsome battle to test there skills and fear.

Beetlejuice`s Graveyard Revue

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World Expo was were we took a ride with The Men In Black testing our alien zapping skills to become a MIB agent testing our skills to the limits.
The Simpson Ride was brilliant a simulator type ride which took us on a roller coaster ride through Springfield it was amazing. Defiantly not to be missed if you go there.

Kids zone was non stop fun and adventure for even the most grown up of kids, us lot. We watched a wonderful show with many fine four and two legged creatures showing off there incredible skills.
E.T Adventure was another FAB ride, here we took to bikes riding high in the sky to help E.T get home wonderful.

The Simpsons Ride 

Horror Make Up Show  
  The Horror Make Up Show is were you discover the secrets of the top make up artists as they show how the special effects our created. 
Terminator 2 3-D here you join forces with the terminator in this futuristic mix of live action and special effects  and a 3-D film. 
Universal studio`s was excellent we loved it. 

The Rocket  Hollywood Rip Ride 

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