Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sea World Orlando

It was a very  day  when we visited Sea world. This was a fantastic place we all really enjoyed ourselves. The park had two roller-coasters, with Simon thinking both Aaron and I were barking mad we faced our fear and went on them. The Manta was a thrill seeker ride you hung upside down like superman as it climbed to a very great height before plunging to earth and skimming the water below. I have never experienced anything quite like it .
The Kragan was a topsy turvy ride with loop the loop and cork screws . I thought this ride was really good. 
We watched the dolphin show which also had a small whale in and parrots. The stunning effects of the dancers and water performers were amazing. The show has you glued to what would happen next. The killer whale show was another fantastic show with these huge creatures mesmerizing the audience with there spectacular skills and tricks.The first 13 rows of the audience were absolutely soaked by the Whales.
The sea lion show ended with a twist when a huge walrus ( below ) came on stage. The sea lions and the otters were great performers along with their huge mate the walrus. 
The park was brilliant we wandered about visiting the dolphins both the cove and the dolphin baby pool. I have a vast amount of dolphin photographs which i will do a special blog at the coffee ship my sister blog.
We got to feed the sting rays and the sea lions this itself was a great experiences for Aaron.
The aquarium was another really good place to take a look at filled with lots of fish from the sea including a variety of sea horses and dragons. The pink flamingos were so very pretty. Below is a selection of photographs taken on our trip to the park  please enjoy them :-)

The Manta  : Aaron and I are on there somewhere ?

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