Sunday, April 29, 2012

Swimming With The Dolphins : The Dolphin Cove

What can I say !  This has to be one of the most amazing places we have visited to date. A day with the dolphins plus much more. To be able to touch one of these magical creatures was just amazing. We have DVD `s photographs and CD`s of out day of magic.
Aaron got to go out with the dolphins treading water as they swam about him.Then Lester, the huge male brought him back to shore as he held on to his fin. Aaron`s face was a picture of smiles. He had a wonderful experience.
Along with the dolphins, we also got to swim with sharks and stingrays plus a range of salt water fish. We were all given snuggle kits, Simon and Aaron were off underwater, Aaron had a underwater camera which we haven't had developed yet but once done I will do a special blog on his underwater experience.  I couldn't put the snuggle on as due to all the bad things had have happened to me in the past I have a fear of being trapped and have panic attacks. I was determined to try though and did manage to put it on for a few minutes just enough to take a look to sea the under water world in person.
There was also a tropical river with birds flying free. The bird would land on your hand and eat from it. You could swim in the tropical river ducking under waterfalls and making your way through rapids. It was amazing. Aaron and I went around the river a few times. It was just magical.
There was many sunbeds to relax on and places to eat. The food was free, we had breakfast and dinner. 
We all loved every minute of this amazing day. Tear flowed as we remembered our little man who should have visited this amazing place nearly four years earlier but sadly little Daniel died 6 weeks before we were due to leave. Swimming with dolphins at the Discovery Cove is highly recommended. This was for you Daniel we know your were with us throughout the day. #
Amazing  !!!! :-D  

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