Sunday, April 22, 2012

NASA Kennedy Space Center Cape Canaveral

NASA, the space Kennedy Space Center was excellent. It was such an interesting place. 
Firstly we went on the NASA bus tour. The tour took us on a tour around Cape Canaveral and the sights and stations were the space shuttles take off. High above on plate forms you could see for miles were the history of space crafts are made. 
We viewed the building were the shuttle was built. We saw the vehicle which took the space shuttle to the launch sight.
There was a huge museum on sight with past shuttles and rockets. There was also space costumes and even moon rock for us to touch and view. There were films and documentaries to watch a varies parts of the centre.
The complex itself was also filled with much more interesting articles. You could step inside the centre of space travel and become part of the new exciting The Hubble Telescope possibilities.  
The shuttle launch experience is a new exciting experience get strapped in and get vertical.  The eye  on the universe is a compilation of powerful and vibrant Hubble images showcasing the science of deep space discovery.
Astronauts walked around giving you the chance to ask questions ? The rocket garden stood with pride. These historic rockets tell the story of man`s quest with the stars. There was also an exhibition on early space exploration. Towards the back of the complex there was a beautiful memorial dedicated to all the astronauts who have sadly lost their lives in the name of space exploration. 
Also there was an art gallery, space walk in honour of the supporters of the space programmes. Robot Scouts was a place were we visited the robots that go out into space here was an interactive cosmic adventure which young and old liked. 
The space shuttle Atlantis is due to come to The Kennedy Center  in the summer of 2013. NASA was excellent Aaron learnt so much about space. I am so pleased we visited. Great Stuff. 

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