Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lone Cabbage : Alligators Florida

The Lone Cabbage was set along side one of the main highways in Florida. It is a popular motorbike meeting place at the weekends. Lone cabbage is run by bikers with a large cafe and a bar. To the side there is a landing stage were the air boats are staged. 
A lone man sat making necklaces with alligator teeth attached.He also had a batch of shark teeth. When they find an alligator has died they use what they can from the creature so it dose not die in vain. 
Out in the swamp we caught our first glimpse of Mr Alligator, silently lurking under the water for an unsuspecting tourist to fall in so he could have his lunch.
Seriously you have to treat these creatures with respect. We boarded an airboat and off we went for one fantastic adventure all around the swamps.
The swamp was a nature reserve we could see many alligators clearly some small and some very big. We got really close to one big one before he got fed up and took off soaking Aaron as he splashed back through the swamp. It was amazing to watch these powerful creatures more like prehistoric monsters.
Cattle grazed to the side of the water. We were told many snakes live in the long grass. If a cow should be bitten by a poisonous snake it will eventually fall. Alligators will only tackle a cow for lunch once it has fallen down and the snake bite has taken effect killing the cow.
The airboat was an experience in itself the wind blew through our hair as it reached some speed through the swamps.
It was a great experience especially for Aaron as he learnt so much about these fascinating creatures. This was a trip we all enjoyed very much. 

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