Monday, April 23, 2012

Daniel`s 15th Birthday

Its hard to believe you would have reached your 15th birthday today. I can imagine what you would have been like and also what you would looked like. I have a vivid image in my head which is there everyday and always will be. I believe my imagine is right and reflect you just as you would have been.
You were full of big smiles and both Aaron and I always made sure you never missed out on anything we always found a way. Since a toddler Aaron joined in with your care helping in every way he could. This has made him into the young man he is today very capable of making his own decisions and see`s life how it is through his own eye`s. We were a great team the 3 of us. Aaron had to grow up very fast due to the care you needed.
Both Aaron and I  have very fond memories of you, Aaron always picks the flowers for your grave bright and beautiful ones which reflects your cheeky some what naughty personality.
We never think of you in the grave along with your brother Callum you are both free, flying high with no more pain or disability. Some how you make sure we know this.
You were a star in your own right. You touched everyone who ever met you with your determination and smiling face. Leaving a lasting memory. Your were so very special and you new it.
Your life was cruelly snatched away New Years Eve 2007 Aaron and I held your hand as you slipped away into a world free of heartache and pain.
There was many things I wanted you to do and experience but sadly that was not to be. Both Aaron and I can live in peace knowing we did everything we could whilst you were alive to make your short life a happy one. We will always miss you, but we both no we have two very special angels in heaven who are looking down on us and keeping  us safe from harm.  
Forever in our hearts and our thoughts. Your family  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
There will be a massive party in Heaven today 

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