Sunday, April 15, 2012

Animal Kingdom : Disney


WOW  : What a park Animal`s, Rides, Show`s and lovely restaurants. We had a great time, Discovery land was were the bugs were. Also the beautiful flamingo. You could follow the trail around visiting all the animals including Galapagos, tortoise, porcupines, lemurs and cotton top tamarins.
Moving on we visited Africa. He was a wonderful adventure as you boarded a safari bus and headed off around the reserve. From elephants to crocodiles, giraffes to elegant deer not forgetting the lions  it portrait Africa in a fantastic way. Even down to the makeshift muddy tracks. 
The pangani forest exploration trails was so educational for us all. Bird`s, fish hippo`s and a wonderful group of gorillas. We saw these so clear and watched them with fascination. 
There was so much to see and do here we did not no where to start. With trains running to care centre to discover how Disney help endangered animals from around the world. There is far more to Disney than meets the eye ! 
Asia is fast and furious with the flights of wonder, the jungle trek through the ancient ruins visiting many exotic animals and birds. Including giant fruit bats, birds, komodo dragons and a wonderful huge Tiger enclosure.  You can also take a trip on the Kali rover rapids. If you dare take an expedition up Everest board a high speed train and zip through the misty unknown but beware because somewhere you may find the fierce Yeti aka The Abominable Snowman. Would you dare to visit the Legend of the Forbidden Mountain. 
Dinoland U.S.A  is the bone yard of the Dinosaurs `s with fossil fun a wacky bone yard to play in. The primeval whirl is a spinning coater sending you through curves, hills and drops and down into the dinosaur jaws !  Dinosaur ride takes you back on a journey of 65 million years a thrilling  sometimes frightening journey through the past and the dark meeting many dinosaurs on the way.
After having lunch we went to watch the musical show Finding Nemo this is an exciting show that brings the sea to life on the stage it was wonderful we all enjoyed it very much.

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