Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hollywood Studios : Disney

Walking up Hollywood Boulevard you headed towards a huge magic hat. Aaron as ever so very keen not to miss out on his favourite rides took us straight down Sunset Boulevard to the rock n roll coaster starring Aerosmith. Strapped in very tightly you head off into the dark at rocket speed on a road trip with Aerosmith with twists, turns and loop the loops. I have to admit I enjoy this ride also being like Aaron a rollercoaster fanatic. The Tower of Terror is also next door this is defiantly an if you dare ride plunging you deep into the bowels of the spooky hotel from 13 stories up.

Echo Lake has a variety of attractions including the Indiana Jones Stunt show this was really good with explosions fantastic stunts and fake fighting it also had a unique twist with one of the volunteers from the audience actually being one of the stunt men. The part he was involved with had the audience left with open mouths !
Star Tours invites you aboard the star wars space craft heading deep into space with C3PO to fight the evil Darth Vador. This is a really good adventure which we all enjoyed.

The huge magic hat holds the great movie ride here you travel through the world of movie s from the early days to wizard of oz, Mary Poppins and much more. This is an interactive ride with a twist characters are involved in the action. It is also a wonderful ride for special effects and scenes.

The Muppet 3D show was really good a place to give your feet a rest as all of us suffered with tired feet. Honey I Shrunk The Kids takes you into an interactive playground of you being very small, with huge plants insects and even coke cans to look up at !

Lights, Motors Action is the same Extreme Stunt Show that we saw in Euro Disney this is a great show with spectacular stunts. The Studio Backlot Tour is a walking and tram tour taking you behind the scenes of the movie`s to watch how the special effects work. With drop backs on New York.
You watch a scene from  Pearl Harbour as you are shown how the effects work then you are taken on a tour around the different sets you are able to see props from many of the movie s which have come into retirement and are now part of this unique collection at Hollywood Studios. You are also taken through the sewing rooms were the costumes are designed and made. The tour ends in a museum filled with costumes props and lots more. Very interesting.

There are many shows within this park some of which are the same as the sister park in Paris. We all enjoyed the day and what we saw.

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