Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trip To Rome To Visit The Coliseum & Vatican A Thank You

Thank you to Rosalie for going to all the trouble getting together all the information about a trip to Rome.
Aaron is doing a study at school on Rome, he has shown such great interest that with the help of my friends we are able to take a trip to this great city within the next few months Hopefully the trip will take place during the Christmas break, as we do not want to be at home over this period we intend to do something completely different.
A trip to Paris is already defiantly on the cards.
Rosalie has given us a detailed list of places to visit including directions, which inc. Coliseum, Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, St Peter`s Basilica, The Forum, Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and Piazza Navono.
She has also sorted out hotel and flights for us. All we have to do is book !!!!
Thank you to all my friends who have supported us over the last few months you have all been wonderful. It shows how much everyone cares about us .
Both Aaron and I are looking forward to our future going to some wonderful places and then coming home to the best place in the world the Tanant Valley.
Wherever we go there is no place like home anywhere that can compete with the views, the atmosphere and all our wonderful friends we have in the valley.

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