Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hope House Party Disco & Karaoke Nov 09

We recently had a lovely evening out with our friends from Hope House Hospice. We attended a disco and Karaoke evening. We met up with many of our friends. It was a good fun night, we had a good laugh listening to some taking part in the Karaoke.

It is so nice to be able to go out in such a lovely environment that the countryside offers.

Having witnessed city nightlife with such high police presence, due to trouble from drunken yobs. The smells from the sewers from under your feet make you feel sick yourself. With pavements covered in dog poo, human sick, cigarette ends or disgusting spit. I no were I`d rather be. There are many better places on the earth than having to put up with that. The smell and having to watch were you walk in case you step in it is certainly not for me. It`s a known fact people living in such an environment that is dirty, full of filth are subject to depression. Surrounded by doom and gloom. I`d be depressed if I lived in a place surrounded by such disgusting yuk.
I am just glad Aaron is growing up in such a lovely environment. We are so lucky to live were we live and I wouldn`t change it for the world.

Hope House Hospice is a children's respite centre. Daniel spent time at the hospice before and after his death. The hospice has been good to us during our time in need.

Daniel my 10 yr old son and Aaron beloved brother died New Years eve 2007 at Alder Hey Hospital. Both Francis and Mary from the Hospice stayed with us throughout even though it was New Years Eve. I really don't know how we would have coped if they hadn't been with us. They were so good. It is not an easy time for us at moment with the second anniversary of Daniel`s horrific death just around the corner.

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