Saturday, November 28, 2009

Racecourse To Pant Glas Rambling Walk Nov 09

Heading off up the valley we took in the views of the snow covered mountain tops. Turing right towards Llanslin we headed up the the old Racecourse for a morning rambling walk.
Oswestry Old race course was the site of horse racing on common land from the mid - 18Th century for about 100 yrs. It was a figure of eight course, crossing on the top of Mount Road hill. It fell into decline with the advent of the railways offering better transport for horses, riders and spectators to other courses. Stone ruins of the grandstand remain where Offa`s Dyke Path crosses the Racecourse, and there is a more recent horse monument nearby.

The walk started at the Racecourse car park. The walk is called by Oswestry ramblers the Racecourse to Pant Glas Walk. It is a moderate walk of 5 miles. It takes you to a Ascent of 750ft. The walk offers good views over Oswestry and countryside beyond to the distant hills, including Rodney`s Pillar on Breidden Hill.

Heading out of the car park we headed down lanes, over stiles, across fields and through gates.

The views were fantastic all around us.

The route took us across a field with two coloured cobs in. One was very inquisitive and came for a good look. He was very interested in Fred our dog I had to keep him on a tight rein. He was a lovely horse and followed us for some time across the field. As we climbed the stile a gun went off in the distance. The coloured cob ran off bucking down the field. He was a lovely cob. He is the type of horse i would get again.

We carried on our walk heading through Glopa Wood and down towards Coppice Farm. Here we joined a track which took us onto the road towards Pant Glas.

Pant Glas is a pictureque village. Pant Glas which translates into English as Green Valley was originally built to house workers on the Brogyntyn Estate owned b Lord Harlech. It included a school which is now a private residence.

We carried on through the village headed along the lanes before turning left crossing another stile heading again across farm land.
The farmer from Llawrry Pant joined us for a while with his sheep dogs. He was heading up the hills to tend to his sheep. He left us in the top field NR Pen-y Rhos. Fred had a good time with the other dogs.

Heading back we walked along the lanes and over the Race Course Common back towards the car. Again the views of the snow covered mountains of Wales were in view the sight was spectacular.
It was a muddy trail due to the rain we have had over the last few weeks. Aaron and I and Fred were covered in mud, wellies and mud just our thing.

The walk was very satisfying an full filling. It`s great to be back doing our walking around the local countryside. Enjoying the scenery and keeping fit at the same time.
Before coming home we headed into Oswestry for some diesel and shopping fresh fruit and veg determined to keep up with our healthy life style of healthy eating and keep fit.
As December looms we both have mixed feelings due to the loss of our Daniel it being the 2ND Anniversary of his death, but we also have lots to look forward to as we are going on an adventure very soon watch this blog to find out where.

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