Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bonfire, Fireworks & Pub November 09

What a wonderful night out, headed up to Llangedwyn Village we met up with people from our own village and Llangedwyn as the community united for a bonfire and firework display.
Everyone brought something cooked, or drink related to share with everyone else.
The bonfire was lite and the table`s of food and drink opened. We stacked on baked potatoes, sausages, pizza, crisps and all sorts of goodies. There was beer, coffee, tea and the most lovely strawberry wine.
We had a lovely time, chatting away to all our friends. The children played in the park which was lite up by the bonfire. Donation`s were taken towards the fireworks for next years bonfire party.
Aid and Darren were in charge of the fireworks and didn't they do a good job. The villages had many fireworks and the display went on for nearly 1 hr. It was as good as any of the big displays on offer if not better.
After the bonfire many of us headed to the pub. We were lucky as I could park my car up and head just across the road to the Penybont Inn. I met up with my of my friend`s at the pub and the local villages. With a nice glass of white wine, Aaron and the other children playing pool we all settled down for a gossip. As time went on two late valley runs came to the pub. One coach was from Ellesmere and the other was local. We new many of the people on the 2nd coach. As it got late, Aaron and I headed home as we had to be up early next morning.
It was an excellent night out in good company.

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