Sunday, November 8, 2009

Remembrance Church Service & Prade Llanrhaedr YM

Remembrance Sunday

We were up early, after a shower, bacon sandwiches and changing into our Sunday
best. We headed off to Llanrhaedr YM.

Aaron met up with his scout troop outside the British Legion. Also here were the old soldiers who were also taking part in the annual remembrance parade.

Aaron was given the job of carrying the wreath and paraded with the service men.

I headed to the church, with the other mum`s to take our places for the church service.

I was so proud of Aaron as he entered the church carrying the poppy wreath. He had tears in his little eyes. Aaron is a very emotional child. The troop leader later gave him a tissue to wipe his tears away.

The service went on for some time. Many hymns, prayers and reading were read both in English and in Welsh. During the last hymn the standards were returned to the old soldiers from the British legion and the the scout troop.

The troops marched out of church under instruction from a former sergeant
Outside the roads of the village of Llanrhaedr came to a stand still. The soldiers and scouts all lined up under instruction from the Sergeant next to the war memorial. Many people form the village gathered to salute the British service men whom have lost there lives in the many wars are country have been involved in.

Here prayer were said the names of the soldiers were read out and both the Welsh and the English anthems rang out with song.

Next the wreaths were placed on the war memorial.

I was so proud of Aaron as he place his wreath on the memorial, he bowed and saluted the former soldiers that lost their lives in world war 1 & 2

Two minute silence started with the ringing of the church bells at 11am. The village of Llanrhaedr stood still in silence.

After the scout troop and old soldiers were dismissed by the sergeant.
Next everyone gathered at the Hand Inn for refreshment`s. As I drank my cup of tea many of the former old soldiers came over to me to say how well and how

proud I should be of Aaron. Aaron is a very popular well loved little boy throughout the villages in our local area. He was chosen to carry the wreath, as the service men said he was special. Many people in the community remember his dedication he had towards his much loved brother Daniel.

I am so pleased we attended the service today in church. I quietly said a few prayers of my own for my lost boys, whilst in church. Whilst some people lay in bed today at least we made the effort to attend one of the many church services in memory of the lost soldiers form war time.

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