Friday, November 6, 2009

Doves Of Peace November 09

Today I was given a Dove of Peace. These are fantastic symbols for calm, peace and tranquillity. The dove of peace helps to bring the above along with happiness and love into your life.

Symbolism of The Sacred Dove
The deepest kind of Peace and Faith is symbolized by the Dove. It's image stills our worried and troubled thoughts, and shows us how to find renewal in the silence of our minds. In such moments of stillness, we are able to appreciate the simple blessings that go unnoticed in the chaos that surrounds us each day.The Sacred Dove serves as a gentle reminder that there is always hope, new possibilities and miracles waiting, just around the corner...
The Cultural Significance of The Dove:

Hindu: Yama, god of the dead, has birds such as owls and doves or pigeons as messengers.

Islam: The Three Holy Virgins are represented by stones, or pillars surrounded by Doves.

Japanese: the Dove was sacred to Hackiman, the god of war, but it was a Dove with a sword that announced the end to war.

Chinese: In China, Doves are symbolic of good digestion, marital duty, and long life.

Pagans: The Dove has been widely understood as a symbol of conjugal affection and fidelity, because of the affectionate mating habits of the species popularly known as turtledoves.

Motherhood and Femininity:Doves are sacred to all Great Mothers and Queens of Heaven and depict femininity and maternity; often two Doves accompany the Mother Goddess.

Greek Myth: In ancient Greek myth, it was the Dove was the bird of Athena which represented the renewal of life.

According to European superstition, the devil and witches can turn themselves into any bird shape except the Dove.
The Dove of Peace
The white dove of peace is lost in darkness
Wandering aimlessly, it drifts in the blackness
No points of light it sees as it searches for the light of Hope
But, Hope is fleeting in the darkness
Tears fall from its bright eyes of Faith
It worries about the world
It worries about life
It worries about home
Faith in the future keeps it soaring, searching.
Copyright Bruce Humphrey
Final Thought
The doves of peace are truly calming remarkable birds. Very relaxing and calming. I also learnt a relaxation technique today from my dear friend Di. Turn the tap on and let all you anxiety, worries and cares flow away. This works a treat. Close you eyes and try it.
Over the past few weeks my asthma and chest condition have deteriorated rapidly. I have also learnt breathing techniques which calm you breathing and relax your state of mind. With Christmas coming up and the anniversary of Daniels death approaching fast I am finding it increasing hard to cope. Every time I see or hear anything about Christmas my heart sinks into my tummy remembering Daniel`s final few day of life and how traumatic they were. As I have said previously we will be doing something very different this year which hopefully will take are minds off things.
I would like to say thank you to Di for her help. She is yet again another mum to me. Thank you for saying all those prayers for me and my babies. Thank you for letting me borrow the book of angel`s.
Tonight I picked out the Angel of love this is the angle watching over me and Aaron Thanks also Di for all the hugs, cuddles and just for being there for me. Thanks also for the wise conversation I no you are right along with everyone else who tell me to rid myself of the rubbish that still presents itself in my life. Consider it done. I must admit like you say I cope much better without the stress and anxiety. I do feel much better without it also, channeling my energy towards something worth while not wasting in on something that is a waste of space.
Your a star Di made in heaven thank you for all your help and advice.

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