Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Proud Mum Of My School Boy Ambassador

I am so proud of Aaron.

Aaron has been chosen by the Children`s Commissioner for Wales, to be an Ambassador to represent primary school children throughout Wales. I am so proud of him.

Aaron will represent primary school children at meetings around Wales portraying the views of his fellow pupils and his own.

He will have to speak at the meeting`s which i no he will have no problem doing. Aaron has excellent oral and listening skills.

One of my proudest moment`s of Aaron, that lives in my mind was at 9 yrs old he stood in front of a packed church with well over 300 people in attendeance at his 10 yr old brother Daniel`s funeral and made the speech and tribute he was so determined to make. This lives in many people`s minds what he did that day. It was recently mentioned on Daniel`s web site.

At such a tragic time, Aaron made me so proud that day. He delivered his speech with perfection whilst many of us crumbled around him. Daniel will certainly be looking down on his brother and he too would be proud of him.

Well done Aaron on being given the job of Children`s Ambassador for Wales. xxxx

My Boy`s Daniel & Aaron

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