Sunday, November 15, 2009

Top Gear Live NEC Nov 09 "" FANTASTIC ""

Taking are seat Aaron couldn`t keep still with excitement. About to come on stage were the Top Gear Live team. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May and not forgetting the Stig.
What a fantastic show. It opened with flames and fire coming from the cars as the stunt drove around the stage narrowly missing a fire eating girl in the middle.
A huge round of applause saw the Top Gear Team coming live on the stage.
The show was really good. There was stunt driving. A reliant robin race which the top gear team joined in. This saw the 3 wheel robin`s falling on there side as the powered around the bin`s at the top and bottom of the arena. Richard Hammond and James May had a race on stage. The audience took part by flashing cards of red and green to make the cars go faster. We were on Richard Hammond`s team and won.
Jeremy Clarkson came in to the audience during the cool wall cool or uncool car challenge. There was also a parade of presigne cars.
Throughout the show the special effects were brilliant fire works, loud bang`s and fire lite the stage. The show is well worth going to see.
The Stig had a gladiator challenge with a number of different stunt cars. Off course he won.
It was quite an emotional day at the show as both Aaron and I were fully aware that Daniel would have loved it. Aaron had tears many times throughout the day thinking of his beloved brother. Below are some of the photographs taken.
On display at the show were the original cars used in the top gear series. Aaron loved this treat which is part of his holiday presents. We don't use the word Christmas we have decided to call it Holiday Time instead.

Richard Hammond what a lovely man.

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