Monday, November 16, 2009

Parent`s Evening Aaron`s Report

Today was parent`s evening at school. Well Aaron again got an outstanding report from Mr Parkinson the Head Teacher.
He said Aaron was an asset to the school and he was so pleased Aaron had been chosen to be an Ambassador by the Children`s Commissioner for Wales, to represent primary school children throughout Wales.
His first meeting will be coming up this month based at a venue in North Wales.
He also said Aaron was well above his age in every subject. In some subjects his age level is age 15 and above. He also said Aaron will do very very well in high school and I should have no worries about him for his future. He will go far in life.
We also talked about how well Aaron has come through the very many heart breaking situations he has has in his life. The loss of his beloved older brother Daniel being the worst and this has hit Aaron very hard. Aaron now has a box at school were he can write his thoughts and put them in away in the box, this eases the pain of the loss of his brother.
Mr Parkinson said he will make an excellent Ambassador. He will bring his case across very well as his public speaking is excellent.
The memory of his brother`s funeral springs to mind as at 9 yrs of age Aaron stood up in the church packed with over 300 people without fault determined to read out his speech about his much loved brother.
Some people have no idea what this little boy has been through within his short life of 11 yrs.
Most children would crumble but Aaron is like his mum full of determination and has the zest for life. He is a son I can be so very proud of.
WELL DONE Aaron xxxx
Keep the good work up.

I also had a bit of praise off Mr P, as we talked about the swine flu which is taking hold in the area. I have to go tomorrow for the jab due to my having chronic lung disease. He said he cant afford for me to be poorly as I was also an asset to the school. He has put me fully in charge of all the before and after school care.
This allows him to go home knowing the school children are in safe hands. I am now confident enough to lock and open the school and set and all the alarms.
Thanks Mr P for all those lovely comments tonight you made my day knowing I have such a bright clever wonderful little boy I can be so proud of. Treat time for Aaron at the weekend for doing so well.

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