Sunday, November 15, 2009

MPH The Prestige & Performance Show NEC Nov 09

What a fantastic show, heading of to Birmingham it took us just under 2 hrs to reach the NEC. Parking up we headed to the halls for the shows. Firstly we went into the Classic car and motorcycle show.
Here there were hundreds of them all makes and models. We walked around taking photographs as we went. The cars and bikes were immaculate i have never seen cars in this condition before.
When the MPH Show started were headed there.
There were cars worth billions in this show. Shell V power had games consoles for the children and grown ups to play on. Aaron had a great time on these.

There was a help the hero`s exhibition run by the army and the royal navy. One of the soldiers took Aaron around the trucks. He gave him a go on the guns. The soldier took the camera along with him on Aaron's journey around the army trucks.

The show was amazing, The cars were superb, cant explain the sights we saw at this show.
We flittered between the MPH Show and the Classic car show.

Below Aaron took part in the RAF flight training which was on a computer. He had a great time taking off and landing the planes.Luckily he has experienced this before, as my friend Steve was very much into flight simulation and gave Aaron the flight simulator CD a few years ago.

The car above and below were some of our favourite`s. The Citroen below is a replica from the console game Grand Tourismo. It is the only car made at the moment one of a kind, this car cost`s alone 1 million euro`s. In the background you can see a gold truck this was beautiful. Another of Aaron's favourite`s was the black hummer.
Back at the classic car, we saw many cars and bikes that brought back memories form years ago. There were bubble cars many shapes and sizes. There was a bond bug immaculate in condition.
The owners of some of the bubble cars were kind enough to allow Aaron to sit in them. Aaron was delighted. There was a rockabilly disco pickup surrounded by 1940`s rockabilly boys.
Aaron also received an autograph from the Wheeler Dealers he also had his photo taken with them pictured in classic car show photo`s below blog.

This show was fantastic crome and polished cars every were. Next we went to Top Gear Live.

What a fantastic day we had.

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