Friday, November 27, 2009

Ambassador`s Meeting With Mr Parkinson Nov 09

On Friday I went with Mr Parkinson to the Ambassador`s meeting to meet up with the Children`s Commissioners for Wales.

We went to Blodwllyn Castle North Wales for the meeting. When we got there we had a lovely detour around the castle as we got lost. We then found a volunteer that showed us the way.

first we went to a briefing and the commissioner ( Keith Towler pictured right ) told us about his job then we played a true and false game with 14 questions.

After the briefing the ambassadors and teachers split up. The teachers went to a BORING meeting and we were playing games and learning about are job.

The first game we played was we had to draw around one of our team-mates and colour them in but around the figure we had to write what the child deserves.

Then we got a sheet saying questions and some cards we had to put on there.

The question were What is true for all children in wales, what is true for most children in wales and what is not true for every child in the world.

We went for dinner and after dinner we played another game were the volunteers hid 6 sheets of paper ( 3 Welsh 3 English ) and they told us what to do as Ambassadors.

Then we played a game called Splat were one of the volunteers pointed at us and said splat when he did we had to duck and the 2 next to us had to shoot at each other but whoever says splat first go threw to the next round ( I made it to the final but my opponent cheated )!!!!!!!!!!!

The volunteers gave us a piece of paper with a brick wall on it and they gave us a packet of sticky notes to write how we could communicate with children.

The last game was were we got a piece of paper with questions how can you listen to pupils, how can pupils tell you things and who can help you.

After that we went into the briefing room then the teachers came in.

We got a goodie bag with lots of stuff and then we went home!

By Aaron

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