Sunday, November 8, 2009

Go Karting At Rednal Raceway Nov 09

What a fantastic day out. Along with some of the children from scouts, Aaron put on his fire proof overalls and crash helmet to take part in the go karting at Rednal Raceway.

Nervous but excited after a long pep talk about safety, the flags and what not to do the children all go to get in their go karts. Along with Malcom and Lee we all took many photographs of the event.

After a quick lesson they were off. I must admit I was more nervous than Aaron worrying about him whilst he was on the track. y worries were soon at ease as he took to the kart like a duck to water.

As he got used to his go kart the faster he went. It was a wet track so quite slippy out there. He managed to spin the kart once and got himself out of trouble himself without the help of the Marshall`s.

The boys had a great time. Coming back into the pits at the end of the session. Aaron`s face beamed with delight. He had a wonderful time but was very cold at the end of his many laps around the track.

Afterwards with a car full of boys, we headed to Burger King, the kids had a snack whilst we warmed up with a hot coffee.
This was a fantastic day out had by all. Thanks Malcom for organising it.

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