Friday, August 7, 2009

Ty Mawr & Up The Horseshoe Pass

A lovely sunny day took us to Ty Mawr Country Park for a walk with Fred. With a full car we headed off parking in the overspill car park. The park was extremely busy and the river was full of children paddling up to there waists in parts.
The boys ran around playing tag and hide and seek. We walked the entire park stopping for a look in the shop and visitor centre along the way. Aaron, Callum & Dylan all had a good play on the swings.
We walked along the animal and bird pens. A black and white nanny goat tried to butt Fred through the fence. Fred looked at it bewildered. We carried on through the mini beast wood.
Back at the car the boys had a long drink.
Lorraine and I then headed off up the horse shoe pass. We all settled down to a nice ice cream at the top cafe. Here we met up with Billy, he had been to Liverpool today on business.
The Ponderosa was packed with motorbike`s. A few old faces came across for a chat. The noise of the Harley`s as they headed off thundered around the Berwyn Mountains. Billy went down well with my old friends a far better improvement they said.
Yet another lovely day out later on the boys went fishing in the river with there nets putting the fish back of course no harm done.
Later we met up with some pals from the village of Llanstaffraid to watch the band at the Sun Inn. This group are really good singing mostly Madness and Dire Straight`s they also sing the Rolling Stones. We had a great time it was nice catching up with old friends not seen for some time.

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