Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day At Home

Today we decided to stay at home. After doing the house work and washing. Aaron and I did some baking. Aaron is a fantastic cook. I have bought him a range of children's cookbooks. He can bake cakes and make up smoothies and fruity cocktails by himself. I enjoy cooking again now we have a decent oven to bake in. I loved to cook finishing school with an O level in the subject. Aaron is a keen chef, teaching a child to cook is a good way of encouraging them to eat different foods. Aaron made dinner for everyone under little supervision.
Aaron also enjoys oil painting he has done some very good work. I am having some framed at the moment.
Aaron is a child that will go far in life. He is like the Phoenix out of the fire. a totally different child from the one he was a few years ago.
Were both encouraged not held back anymore.
Aaron and I have a unique relationship he is very protective of his mum after all he has witnessed. What we have been through has brought us very close. We have a very good physiological bond which people say is very unique.
I have a son in a billion who has experience so much in his childhood. What he has been through and learnt from these experiences will turn him into a fine, intelligent, caring young man.
A son I am and will be very proud of.
Aaron and I are always honest never having secrets. I feel sorry for children who grow up and find out secrets kept from them about the past. Aaron and I are lucky enough not to have dark kept secrets that will be uncovered in years to come.

Later in the day, with the sun coming out we all got our bicycle`s out and went for a ride around the lanes. we all really enjoyed ourselves. Aaron decided he wanted to ride my bike, he can do the gears better then me as the bike has that many gears i never no were to start. We called to see Auntie Pat who is thankfully recovering slowly after her operation.


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