Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Crocky Trail August 09

A group of us mums, dads and children met up at mile end services and followed in convoy to Chester for a visit to the Crocky Trail.
The Crocky Trail is set over farm fields. There are many rides at the start including drop slides, surf riders, gladiators and much more. One of the favourites is the titanic. This is a large moving ramp that lowers and then goes high resembling the sinking of the great ship. It is extremely hard to stay on. Billy went on with the kids, we all had such a laugh as he struggled to get up the slippery slope only to be pushed down by the naughty children. He didn't come down alone as he grabbed a couple and took them with him. The other mums and I were in stiches watching the carry on on the titanic.
The children had a great time on the rides as did all of us. They are very different many not for the faint hearted.
After a while we headed on the crocky trail. The trail takes you on a few miles journey around the country side. The trail has lots of challenges along the way. There are many challenges over mud filled ditches so be prepare to get very mucky if you fall in. There are rope bridges, bendy bridges and rocking bridges. Tunnels and swing gladiator challengers.
There is also a canon to climb on. Aaron managed to get himself stuck up the tube. Marja and the boys had to pull him out not before Marja teased him she was lighting the fuse.
On the trail there are also mazes to enter and stepping stones across little streams surrounding the fields. We all had a great time.
We stayed for hours with home made picnics and the camper as the tea and coffee machine for all us thirsty mums and dads.
The crocky trail is well worth a visit as it offers something very different for the children to enjoy in the natural environment. Below is a link to the web site.

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