Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Avebury Wiltshire ( Stonehenge Trip ) Aug 09


One of our days out saw us heading to the stone age village of Avebury. This village is largely owned by the national trust. The village is world famous for the stone circle at the heart of a unique prehistoric landscape. During our visit we visited the Kellier Museum.

The story tells of Alexander Keiller. Mr Keiller was a archaeologist during the 1930`s the museum holds many of the treasures he found over the years.

The village stands in the heart of the henge monument. The work on the monument started some 5.000 years ago. The pretty village has since grown and is the only place you will find in the world were a pub and chapel stand inside a stone circle.

In the old farmyard you will find a 17th century threshing barn which now houses part of the Kellier museum interactive displays. The barn is also home to 5 species of bat. You can also find a 16th century dovecote and the 16th century manor house.

We walked around the beautiful gardens of the manor house, before heading to the church dated 1085. Next we walked around the stone circle. Avebury is a very old pretty village with a mass of history dating back to the stone age. It is well worth a visit if you are ever in the area. Below is a link for more information.

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