Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Memory Lane River Mersey & Vale Park Aug 09

Myself, Billy and my Mum all grew up near to the River Mersey. Aaron really enjoys visiting the places were we used to live. Nana came with her mobility scooter, this has improved her life immensely, the scooter has given her much more freedom to get about to places she is unable to walk to. Nana will be 80 yrs old in January. There is still life in the old dog yet as Billy says.

Today we headed for the beach. Parking up with the VW at the Green Hill. Mockbegger Rd in Wallasey.

Nana headed along the top road which over looks the sea wall. We walked along with her for a while before heading down to the beach to give Fred a good run. Nana sat on her scooter watching from above. We were at the part of the promenade which is called Mother Redcaps. t this point there used to be an old house which has since been demolished. The Mother Redcap house was said to have harboured pirates in the olden days, below the house there were suppose to be passages which lead up to the Red Noses in New Brighton and beyond there to the Leasowe Castle Hotel. The passages helped old Mother Redcaps to help the smugglers. They would bring the ships on the rocks by flashing false lights to confuse the crew bringing the ships on to the rocks along the coast of the Mersey.

I remember doing a project on the ship wrecks, smuggling and pirates at school. The history surrounding the Wirral is fascinating.

Fred had a great time running in and out of the sea. Chasing the seagulls along the rivers edge as they played games with him swooping down to make him give chase. His golden tan coat bobbed up and down within the waves.He also enjoyed wallowing in the sand getting very mucky.

The beach here is a great place for dogs. All my dogs have had great fun running wild along the beach it was an everyday dog walk for myself and my pets over the years. The Mersey can also be a dangerous place due to the tide changes, under currents and sand banks. Growing up here and spending so much time on the promenade you learn to be fully aware of the dangers of the Rivers and the tides. It is great to pass on so much knowledge to Aaron he learns not only about the countryside but also sea.

The Mersey was calm today compared to other times when the tide as been that high it reached the promenade road with waves to 50 ft above you.

After a while we headed further up the promenade to Vale Park New Brighton. I spent many a summer day here with my friends. We performed and watched the bands on the old band stand. I will always remember the talent contested they had in the park. It hadn't changed much except a fence around the band stand and the cafe has been done up really nicely.

After a while we headed back along the prom. Fred again running wild and free splashing in and out of the rock pools as the tide had gone further out by this time. The rock pools are great for looking at sea life. There are many crabs and snails to be found hiding beneath the rocks.

After we had walked back, we then headed to visit Aaron's Great Aunty Murial. She lives in Moreton Wirral. We stayed a while before heading off making are way back home stopping at the children's grave on the way. Heading back up the Old Chester Road to Two Mills then on to Queensferry as we had promised Aaron a KFC.

It was lovely visiting the Wirral today and showing Aaron the places were we all grew up. Geograph site with info about Mother redcaps

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