Friday, August 21, 2009

Chester Zoo Aug 09

What a fabulous day out we had at Chester Zoo. We have visited the zoo many times over the years. Both Daniel and Aaron visited the zoo at least once a year since the they were born. We have many photographs of the good times Daniel had at the zoo. He used to go around mainly on his bicycle. The zoo is one of our favourite places. Chester is a charity so the entrance money helps the animals around the zoo. Nana came with us also and had a great time.

After visits to the elephants, monkeys and bat cave. We stopped for a packed lunch we had made before leaving home.
Next we headed around the paddocks. We visited the spectacled Bear, Tapia, Zebra`s, Oryx, Ostriches, Przewalski`s Horse and the Rhino. ( pictured below )

This was a beautiful site a black rhino with her baby.

The Meerkats were a lot of fun to watch. Very cute and funny.

After a stop at the cafe for an ice cream, we headed over the elephant bridge. Looking at the animals on the way. The huge Condor caught our eye, we watched him for a while.
Next stop was the Butterfly Journey. This is a new attraction. It was fantastic up and close to many species of butterfly and moths. We spent a lot of time in here looking at these beautiful creatures. One landed on Nana`s head. We took some wonderful photographs.

Heading on our journey around the zoo. Next was the tropical house. Here we studied reptiles, spiders and crocodiles. Moving on we visited the Giraffes and the Okapi ( one of our favourite creature )
Next was the Chimpazees, red ape, gibbons and orang-utans.

We also visited the aquarium, otter`s and flamingo. We were also looking enough to witness the Penguin feed. The whole place was swamped with 100`s of seagull also keen for a fill of fresh fish. We also visited the sealions. Next stop was the ark restaurant, here we had some dinner and a well earned drink. Aaron also had a play in the play ground and we also caught a glimpse of the African tribal display.
Moving on we decided to visit the big cats. First the tigers and the lion`s. Next we headed to Spirit of the Jaguar, Here we got a close up view of the Jaguar`s and the black Puma. We also enjoyed watching the ant colony doing there hard work. This is a fascinating display.

Aaron also had a great time with the interactive displays around the zoo. Below pretending to be a large tortoise.

Heading on we watched the camels, Onagers and the New Cheetah display. Next we headed over the Bats Bridge.
We stopped off for a while to watch the greater horned Rhino and the Deer. The deer were lovely elegant creature. Nana really enjoyed watching these.

Before heading home Aaron had a go on the Monkey bars and went all the way across. Well done not bad for our own little monkey. We all had a great day at the zoo. Nana also now has a new lease of life with her scooter as you can see she really enjoyed herself today not bad for a lady nearly 80 yrs old.
For more photographs please visit our on line photographs link opposite this visit to Chester zoo is under summer hols 2009. There are also other Chester zoo photo`s on the photo site from previous visits to the zoo. Some more photographs are also on facebook.
To visit Chester Zoo`s web site please click on the link below :-

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