Friday, August 7, 2009

Barmouth Fun at the Seaside August 09

Stopping off at a busy Bala for chips before heading to Barmouth. We had a relaxing time looking at the picturesque views of the mountains that surround Bala Lake. Fred also had a good walk here.

Heading south our destination today was Barmouth.
Barmouth is a victorian seaside town on the west coast of Wales.
Parking up we headed to the fair whilst we waited for our friends to turn up who were camping on Shell Island.

First stop was the fair Billy, Aaron and Nathan all went on the rides along with the girls Ann-Marie and Kiera. Aaron had fun with Nathan on the bumper cars. He also loved the waltz with Billy with him to make sure is was safe.

After picking up our towels from the camper van, making sure Fred had water and the vents were open we headed for the golden sand.
We stopped off for a while to watch the donkey`s doing there daily work this brought back memories of Daniel.
Daniel loved riding it was a passion of his which left his disability behind. I have many photographs of Daniel riding these donkey`s at Barmouth beach. He was a star when it came to riding nothing in this world could ever compare watching a child with disabilities like Daniel achieve so much. With able bodied children it is only what you would expect.
Disabled children are truly the special ones when it comes to achievements. These along with other children who have had their lives touched by tragedy and come through it to smile again are the true stars in this world.

Reaching the sea, Aaron took to the water having a great time. We all ended up with a good soaking.

A little later we headed up to the far end of the beach were dogs are allowed. Here Fred had a fantastic time running in out of of the sea jumping the waves.

A great day out in the sun for more photo`s see on line photographs link opposite. Photo`s are under summer hols 2009.

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