Wednesday, August 12, 2009

STONEHENGE Witlshire Aug 09


What a wonderful time we had a the world heritage site of Stonehenge. Aaron had been asking to visit the stones for quite to time and his wish was granted.

Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument. The Stones hold many secrets and magical tales.

From the entrance you are given a tape head set which guides you around the stones telling the mythological tales and history of the stones. We stayed he for quite some time listening the the tape recordings.

Stonehenge is a fascinating place to visit. Aaron loved it here.

Heading for the gift shop we picked up a book for Aaron telling all about this mystical place. To learn more about Stonehenge visit the link below. More photographs can be seen on out on line photo albums link opposite. Stonehenge album is under summer hols 2009.

Outside we came across King Arthur Pendragon. He was holding a protest.

Recently he was in the newspaper after being evicted from Stonehenge. The newspapers never told the true story why he was staying at the stones.

The real reason being archaeologists have removed ancient bodies from graves at Stonehenge. The bodies are not going to be put back. They are being kept in storage. King Arthur Pendragon is protesting that the bodies should be placed back in the graves were they belong.

Many people signed the petition for the bodies to be placed back were they belong.

to visit King Arthur Pendragon web site click here .

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