Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Southport Shopping Trip August 09

Meeting up on a warm clammy day on the sea front, with Billy`s mum, sister and Dylan, we all firstly had a spot of lunch.
Next we headed into Southport town centre for a shopping trip. We all bought some really nice things. We stopped for a cup of tea half way through in a cafe.
After finishing our shopping it was time to head to Billy`s mums house for our tea before leaving for home.
Southport was a another great day out and a great place do do some shopping.
Shame these people totally let Aaron down completely by blaming Aaron for Dylan's jealous tantrums and the nervous breakdown of a 48 yr old man. Very sad indeed. Yet again we met Bully`s and deceitful people who blame a child for there own faults and not being able to cope with everyday life.
Good riddance to bad rubbish. Aaron will always be NO 1 in my life.

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