Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Start of The Football Season

The lead up to the weekend saw us attending a car boot sale at Wittington. We picked up some odd and interesting items which we were all pleased with. We met up with Helen & Jez our friends along with their children. Conner & Abbey are my beautiful little god children, they love to spend time with us. Were happy to have them. They are a mischievous pair so its nice to be able to hand them back after a few hours for the peace and quite.
Car boots are really good places to find all sorts of items. I love clothes, shoes and jewellery, a girl thing. There is no need for anyone these days to walk around looking like a tramp or a clown from Billy Smarts circus but you still see that even these days even at the car boots were really nice clothes sell for as little as £1 or £2. At the car boot we had a few giggles as we walked around admiring the items on sale and the views between.
Afterwards Helen and Jez and the children followed us home for a chat and a cuppa giving us more time to play with the little hooligans.
Saturday - saw the start of the 09 / 10 football season. Both the boys Billy and Aaron are really excited. They are both football fanatics. We headed to the venue at Parkhall to watch the game. Everton V Arsenal. Everton got a thrashing 6 - 1 which brought Billy near to tears.
Sunday - afternoon it was the Liverpool V Tottenham game. The boys watched the game on sky at home. Aaron sulked as his beloved team Liverpool sank to defeat 2 - 1 at White Heart Lane.
The season has a long way to go yet.

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