Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Forest Of Dean Gloucestershire ( Stonehenge Trip ) Aug 09

The forest of Dean is a beautiful forest set in the county of Gloucestershire. The forest is a vast area and it is extremely easy to get lost here.

We parked up at the visitor centre on the south side of the forest. The visitor centre has a beautiful lake and cafe.

The views, surroundings were picturesque. After having lunch we headed onto the green forest trail.

The trail leads firstly to a wooded adventure playground. This is a fantastic area for children like Aaron who love to explore.

It has monkey bars, bridges, tunnels and poles to climb. We stayed here for some time before moving on.

The next part of the trail took us deep into the forest. Following the green markers. We headed high up the hills deeper and deeper into the forest.

Aaron enjoyed climbing up the trees. Fred our dog was having a great time. The views were fantastic as we reached the tree tops. We climbed over stiles, climbed over logs, headed through ferns before the trail took us back down towards the visitor centre.

The walk in all was over 3 miles. It took us a hour or so to complete. It was a hot day as we reached the small hamlet we headed back down the track to the back part of the car park near the wood carvers shed.

Next stop was a drink of sparkling elder flower at the cafe before heading back to the camper van.

The forest of Dean is a great place for a family adventure.

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