Saturday, June 11, 2011

Diva Dubs VW Show ... Shrewsbury Showground

Rain Rain Go Away ::: -

Recently we took the dogs, our VW camper van and headed off to Shrewsbury Showground for the annual Diva Dubs show. In between showers were headed around the show bumping into our VW friends.
As lunch time approached we headed back to the camper for a hot / cold lunch of sandwich's, soup and treats. Bliss.

After lunch we wandered around the show ring and stalls, I nearly : very nearly came home with a westfalia but thinking seriously about it there was no way I would sell Miss Bus to make way for another camper, so sense soon saw me coming back down to earth.
The camper I have is a beauty for the year very little rust which is well under control, she fly`s through her MOT`s every year is brilliant on fuel and ready to roll for the summer holidays. What more do we want. !

After a while we headed home as Simon`s son`s are working on Our home.

Were having lots done. !!!!

Penybont Stores is now looking really well with the house and surrounding land being done up to perfection over time.

My mum and I bought this house many years ago together and don't we all just love it. Simon thinks the house is fantastic and is determined to make it into our own piece of heaven.
It made me smile the other day after a comversation, knowing how jealous some people can be over something that was never there`s in the first place, quite pathetic really ! Just gald I have over come the past and I dont see situations through rose tinted glasses anymore unlike some people. Leopards never change there spots, that statment is very much the truth after all I have seen over the last few months. !

Anyway ::::------
Everyone thinks the house is looking fantastic, we are forever receiving compliments.

Our lives are now full of sunshine maybe a few showers here and there but that's what makes us grow. The valley and our wonderful house is the best place to live in the world. We are all so very very happy. Roll on the summer hols -----------

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