Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Blue Bell Walk The Ancient Wood Penybont L.E.

We went of a walk around out village this week. Being an Avon Rep takes us on some lovely walks delivering our Avon orders around out village. Today we walked right to the top of the hills.

Once we had finished our delivery's. We headed up a rocky track and across the walking paths over the hills and the fields. Taking in the spectacular views across the landscape towards our home, which could be seen in the distance along with the other houses within our tiny village.

After living here in Mid Wales for many years and visiting so many places across the UK, Europe and beyond there is no other place anywhere that matches the spectacular countryside views the Tanant valley has to offer. Tanant Valley is such an enchanting place to live without a doubt.

Our walk took us across the fields filled with spring lambs. Down on to the bottom lane which leads to ancient woods with very old tress and filled with very pretty Blue Bell flowers. This was a lovely sight. In this area there are so many wild flowers and it is very pretty this time of the year as it is all year round.

We all enjoyed out walk today in and around our enchanted village.

For more photograph please see on line photograph albums opposite under our home penybont L.E.

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