Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Time Elevator 3 4 5 D Cinema

We also visited the Time Elevator this is a 5 D cinema with 3D and 4D screens. The first part we sat in the seats and watched a 3D movie on the history of Rome. It was really good, the second part was about the evolution of man. We had 3D glasses for the films, the chairs in the theatre also created another effect of the movement of the scenes.

Time Elevator Rome combines education and entertainment in such a unique way that you will not seen Rome the same again. This is an amazing multi-sensory attraction where you'll Voyage through 3000 years of Roman history, from Romolus and Remus up to the present day in just 45 minutes.
You experience a simulated ride where you will travel through the rich history of Rome. Starting with its foundation, through the glorious days of the ancient Roman empire, the Renaissance with its masterpieces of architecture and art, the events of the 20th century, culminating in an aerial flight over the Rome of today.Your flight simulator has 3 panoramic screens, seats on special moving platforms, individual surround sound headsets (available in English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Russian), for you to feel part of the action while listening to Brutus plotting to kill Caesar Time Elevator Rome is created as a Time Machine that allows you to travel back to the 773 B.C. and to return to modern age through time.

This is well worth a visit if ever in Rome.

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