Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Campidoglia ( Forum Views ) / Museum Of Kings / Foro Traino / Foro di Augusto / Coming Home To A Winter Wonderland

Next stop were the museums. The Campidoglia was a very interesting museum. Monuments, statues and painting stand within this museum.

Below is the statue that suggests how Rome was started. Twin baby boys were taken from there mother by a cruel emperor. He ordered they were to be killed. The guard who was meant to carry out the task couldn't do it. He left the babies in the woods were they were brought up on the milk of a wolf. As they grew the brother fought over were Rome was to be built. Sadly one killed the other. The surviving brother started to build Rome on the surrounding hills.

From the Campidoglia the views over the forum were really good. In this area we also visited the Museum of Kings. At the top of here there is a lovely Italian Cafe on a terrace we had a hot chocolate here and a cake each. They were also giving out drink samples I was offered a small glass of Rosse martini very nice.
We met some very nice people in Rome, some of which we travelled home with on the plane.

After another look around we visited the Basilica which stands connected to the museum. Here we lite candle for Daniel, Callum and my dad Aaron`s Grandad before leaving as this was our last day in this wonderful city.
Coming Home
Up early the next morning the Hotel manager offered to make us some breakfast before we left. We then headed out to our waiting taxi. Driving to the airport took us near 1 hour. We looked at the Christmas lights as we headed out of the city walls towards the airport.
We then met up with quite a few people at the airport. Whilst we checked in together and waited for our flight back to Liverpool. The plane was delayed for a while due to the weather in the UK. Even so time pass so quickly. it wasn't long before we boarded the plane.
Troy managed to get a seat next to us for the flight home. We chatted all the way. He was on a 5 week vacation from Australia with a friend. I also met a girl I used to go to school with on our journey home. She lives in Rome and says any time we want to got back were welcome to stay. I have also been offered a place to stay in Brisbane Australia if we want to go.
It was not long before we landed in Liverpool, after saying our goodbye`s we headed off through the black contaminated slush snow left on the ground in Liverpool. Yuk very messy. I was glad to get through the tunnel away from the yukky snow to the real stuff back home. Heading back to Wales proper snow, white mountains, hills and fields not the black messy stuff we left behind.
On the way we called a the boys grave to put some flower`s on for Christmas.
We then headed home to a magical welsh Christmas Eve winter wonderland. Real snow beautiful refreshing site.
Exhausted by our wonderful trip to Roma. We both had a great time in this wonderful city which has so much to offer.

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