Saturday, December 5, 2009

Oswestry Christmas Live Bands & The Fair Dec 09

Friday saw a gang of us meeting up at the Highway Man pub with a group of friends for tea. We all had a wonderful meal before doubling up in the cars leaving some cars at the Highway man before heading into town.

Tonight Oswestry was hosting Christmas Live. Town was packed. Parking up we headed to Red Square, here was the live stage with a continuous music. Performing were bands from all over Shropshire and Wales.

We listened to some music before heading off around the shops and stall`s that littered the streets. There was also a fair.

It was getting near some of the children's bed time so Helen and Jez decided it was time they headed off to put the little ones to bed.

A few of us carried on looking around. The kids went on some of the fair ground rides, Nathan and Aaron went on a couple of the fun house rides. The boys were in there for ages, playing on the wobbly walkways, hamster Ferris wheel and helter skelter slides. They had a great time.

Aaron and I bought the new Transformers 2 DVD as a treat for ourselves, whilst looking around the shops. Aaron also had a go at the goal competition stall winning a football as he scored two penalties.

It was a brilliant night out. The Christmas lights were lovely and added to the festivity of the evening. We also met up with a familiar face Al, he flung his arms around me giving me a big cuddle them ruffled my hair. He never changes it was nice to see Al after all this time. Al was one of Daniel`s carers at Hope House Daniel loved him.

Soon we headed back to red square as Hot Rod 55 rockabilly band were new to play.

These were fantastic much better than the rubbish I have seen in the past in dirty dive pubs over the last year, there was no comparison. It showed me the difference in the type of class within the bands. Hot Rod 55 were fantastic the whole of red square was jiving to stray cats songs plus more, we had a great time partying in town. Jacqui and I have made a pact when they are on again soon its defiantly a night out. They are a very local band with a huge following hopefully these will be performing for our event at school next summer cant wait. I also met a guy called Keith recently via eBay he is the lead singer in a band called Run-a-way Horses he has invited us to a gig. Learnt recently the difference between loud crap and proper music and bands.
We all enjoyed our night out in town despite my phone not stopping even texts from numbers I didn't no obviously put up to it, plenty of witnesses to all the behaviour that night. Leaving people that no me in disgust at how again i got involved with such a deceitful liar who managed to pull the wool over everyone`s eyes until now when the true person came to light for all to see.

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