Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Camp Fires & Hot Drinks Fab Eveing Out Nov 09

We had a fab evening out. High up over looking the picturesque village of Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant in the Tannat Valley. The dark night set the scene looking down over the village awash with the lights of the houses, street lamps and Christmas decorations of many colours. The weather tonight was dry and mild. Ideal for taking in the fresh Welsh air unpolluted without the fear of chocking exhaust fumes from cars and factory`s.
Around a open camp fire we chatted away. The children played hide and seek around a large garden and grounds. So relaxing, a safe place were children can run free even after dark with little worry of drunken, strange or weird people about that could harm them.
On the open fire we cooked hot dog sausages for the children. They were delighted. We sat sipping hot drinks taking in the views of the village, the shining stars and the smiling faces of the children.
What more could you ask for in life. Wales surly is the best place in the world. Thanks guys for a really lovely evening. We had a great time.

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