Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pantheon + Tempio Adriano

The Pantheon stands as the most complete Roman structure on earth, having survived 20 centuries of plunder, pillage and invasion.
Facts About the Pantheon
The original Pantheon was a rectangular temple built by Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, son-in-law of Augustus, the first Roman emperor, as part of a district renewal plan in 27-25 BC. What tourists see as they relax in front in the Piazza della Rotonda is radically different than that original temple. Hadrian rebuilt the structure; maker's stamps in the bricks allow us to peg his restoration between 118 and 125 AD. Still, the inscription on the architrave attributes the construction to Agrippa during his third councilship. The portico in front of the Pantheon is what remains of Agrippa's original temple.
The Pantheon contains the tombs of Rafael and of several Italian Kings. Pantheon is a Greek word meaning "to honor all Gods."

Pictured above are views of the Pantheon, a place of worship. The inside of the Pantheon was spectacular. A huge hole was in the top of the dome the sunshine form outside shone through to light up the inner of the building.

Above is the Tempio Adriano we also came across on our travels.

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