Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ROME (ROMA) Trip - 4 Fountains & Fontana del Tritone Christmas 2009

Catching an early morning flight from Liverpool airport, saw us heading to Ciampino airport Rome. The flight was lovely with bright blue Sky's. The views over the alps were very clear. The view of Rome as the plane flew in was equal the same.

At the airport we were met by our taxi, who took us to the hotel. The hotel manager was very helpful he spoke good English. I was already armed with maps of this large city and a beautiful guided tour book that the school I work for had bought me as a present. We had a list of the places we wanted to see. The manager gave us many paper maps to save me writing on my maps. We found all the place`s on the map, plus the hotel manager then gave us another list of other places to look at on our travel`s around this magnificent city.

After settling in we headed outside.

Firstly we came across the 4 fountains. A fountain stood on each corner of each street. ( pictured below and above )

Walking on we then came across the Fontana del Tritone. Pictured below.

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