Saturday, December 26, 2009

Daniels Trust Fund Adpots RDA Ponies Homer & Teddy In Memory Of Daniel

After being totally devastated having to face the task of cashing Daniels death polices`s in and bank account. It came to the Trust Fund. I couldn't close it completely.
Mr Parkinson being one of Daniel`s trustee`s, took me aside seeing me so distressed and suggested not to close the fund. To keep it open and raise money in his memory.
So off we go Daniel`s Trust Fund has adopted two of the ponies Daniel use to ride'
The adoption money will go towards paying for the up keep of both Homer and Teddy. These two ponies Daniel had so much fun on. I spent a day at the centre with my arms around little Teddy. Teddy is a 12.2hh Dun Gelding . Dan rode him from an early age not allowing any side walkers to hold on to him as he plodded around the indoor arena under instruction from Gerry. A few time he hit the deck when Teddy jolted suddenly. Everyone running to his aid as he sat on the floor playing with the sand. Daniel would actually speak when Teddy was about and as soon as he appeared in the arena he would shout "Hi Ya Teddy " clear as day. His vocal words melted all our hearts as it wasn't often he was able to speak due to his disability and this w as a very special time. He loved Teddy dearly.

Considering his disability he was a determined little rider who would always get his own way.
He was steadily transferred to Homer as he got bigger. Homer is a 13.2 hh coloured cob gelding with a very sad past. Homer was a rescue pony who was left as a foal with a head collar on. As he grew the head collar grew into his face leaving him with some horrific scares.

He is a lovely pony, I went through the mud to see him visiting the centre a few weeks ago. Daniel last rode Homer less than 4 weeks before his death I
have the photo`s of that day on my mobile phone which I will treasure for a life time.
Thank you CSRC for all the fun and pleasure Daniel had during his life time. It is a pleasure to adopt these too wonderful ponies in memory of our precious boy Daniel.

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