Friday, December 4, 2009

Psychic Tarot Reading For December 09

I had a Psychic Tarot Reading after much encouragement from a certain friend. The reading has everyone talking and all excited about the events that are supposedly going to happen over the coming month.

I must admit it was a spooky reading. I picked out 2 cards.

The Ace of Air - this card had a large dove bird on, flying through the sky the girls had been encouraging me to bring the doves of peace back into my life. These birds encourage calmness, bringing peace and tranquility into your life . The reading went onto say -------

Exciting last minute Christmas travel plans, will put you next to your new love. from the start, minds, hearts and bodies are in tune.

They all know what we are up to over Christmas so this went down well. ( Just have to be careful who I sit next to on the plane ? )

The next card -

The Air Prince - again this card was connected with doves A prince was surrounded by doves flying about him. The reading went on to say -------

It is love at first sight when you see someone talking about a charity. Teaming up for a fun challenge turns to lasting love.

Considering I am planning fund raising events for our favourite charities I found this very spooky. Both Aaron and I are planning to raise money via Daniel`s Fund. The three charities we are going to raise money for in the future will be

CSRC - Clwyd Special Riding centre whom we already have some money for.

Alder Hey Hospital - whom fought so hard to save Daniel`s life over Christmas 2007


Hope House Children's Hospice - Hope House have been really good to us before Daniels death and after they have continued to support us up until today
Anyway the rest of my reading went on to say -

You are now ready to move on with your life away from the past. Away from those who have caused so much pain, distrust and been disloyal and dishonest to you. The sun primes your personal challenges chart. All this takes you on an exciting new road and your mind will aim far higher.
You will also soon receive a new qualification ( just completed stage one of my counselling course awaiting my certificate ).
A place and a person so far away features strikingly in your future.
Two full moons bookend your month, giving you massive persuasion power plus emotional insight into your home life.
Venus increases the trust quota in your love life - so you ask for it ans expect to get it. No more one way systems are in place anymore. New love is out going has a gift for sport and makes you feel you have never been loved before. You will soon be planning a honeymoon. The honeymoon will never end.
True words of love will be spoken this month and this time around. Your life is about to change forever this time honesty loyalty and understanding will be in the for front.

The psychic lady said she had never come across a reading so strong before.One with so much love being so vivid in her reading. She also said I had had an unhappy life and this was about to change for good. ( She is very right there and didnt no about me or my past ) I am still writing a book about my life which many people say will be a future best seller.
Well then guys maybe I am in for a treat and she is right. I do hope so. We will see, watch this space.

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