Wednesday, December 23, 2009

P.zza Navona (Christmas Fair) + Palazzo Madama

Above we also visited a Christmas market. There was a lot of interesting items on here. There were also statue like figures which moved. They were people made to look like statues they did very well at there jobs.

We came across father Christmas and his reindeer. We found a stall selling some fresh roasted horse chestnuts. Aaron loves this we bought some walking round eating the freshly roasted chestnuts yummy.

There were also statues and fountains again in this area, again breath taking. The area we were in was called the P.zza Navonia

As it got dark we headed back towards the hotel not before seeing the Palazzo Madama. We stopped off for our tea on the way. Finding lovely back street cafe`s restaurants and ice cream / fruit parlours.

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