Sunday, March 4, 2012

Warwick Castle

Recently we spent the weekend at Warwick. Warwick castle has to be one of the finest castles in England we really enjoy visiting this wonderful place.

the magical fairy garden 

The water wheel is an unique example of Victorian innovation that changed life at the castle, along with The Mill and  Engine Room . 

messing about as usual  ?

The views from high in the tower ,s are quite spectacular. You can walk the Ramparts and step high up to the top of the towers.

The flight of the eagles is not to be missed. They are absolutely wonderful. After the display you can wander along the path outside the castle walls to take a look at the bird in the mews. They are stunning the bird above and below is a sea eagle.

The eagle owl 

Top of the towers 

spooky picture taken in the dungeons

The kingmaker is a place were you can step back in time to medieval Warwick. Here you can join Richard Neville, Kingmaker, as he prepares for battle of Barnet in 1471. Experience the pungent smells, sights and sounds of the household uniting working ans supporting their Earl for the great day ahead. Characters are brought to life not forgetting the castle is part of the Madam Tussuad's group. Some of them are really creepy.

Aaron with are old friend Dave the Rave 

Your visit is not complete without a visit to see Merlin The Dragon Tower. The tower is where the magic comes alive. This attraction has been inspired by the BBC hit series. You are transported into the heart of Camelot. Into the lab where the potions are made. Moving deeper into the tower you come across the great Dragon himself. He interacts with the audience rather well ! Props from the series are on display in the tower also. A very magical experience. 

Not for the faint hearted, dating back to 1345, the castle dungeons was a miserable, festering and agonising home to many a poor victim. Live actors take on the role to bring the horrific past back to life. This part of the castle is not for the faint hearted.
Stepping back into the time of the plaque, and to the land of witch craft. With scary treats around every corner enter at your own risk !
The torture chamber gave us a big of a giggle, especially when the willy chopper came out. They would come in useful in these days for certain people who defiantly need it chopping off  and a health warning displayed as Aaron suggested. Must admit Aaron had us in stitches with his ideas.

The Castle State rooms are magnificent. The Great Hall is filled with Armour and some wonderful treasures. It is a great place to explore history. The State rooms bring the past to life with the wax dummies which look ever so real. The Henry the eight display were he stands with his wives is quite spectacular.


The peacock garden is a not to be missed with many peacocks wandering about, even the bushes are cut in the shape of the beautiful birds. Above and below are the lovely pictures of this magical creatures.

In the stocks were they should be !
What a lovely day we all had, so relaxing and very enjoyable, after our visit we met up with our old friends Hattie and Dave and went out for some tea. A fantastic day had by all.

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