Monday, September 29, 2008

Caernarfon Castle / Haven Weekend Sept 08

Again another lovely weekend staying in the heart of beautiful North Wales.

We stayed at Haven Greenacres Black Rock. It is a delightful park. We made our way to our caravan which was very smart. The only problem was it was directly opposite were we had stayed with our precious Daniel not even 12 month previous.

We remembered how Daniel adored Bradley Bear and Rory the Tiger. His smiles and giggles would fill the air as he squealed with delight. During the evening we visited the complex only to bump straight into Bradley and Rory. Tears flowed as I remembered the special times with our Daniel and how his life was so tragically cut short. His death is something both Aaron and I will never get over we just have to learn to live with the heartache. A tribute to Daniel above with his beloved Bradley Bear. It`s hard to believe that within a year of those photographs being taken Daniel would be dead. Some people may find it easy to get over there childs death but anyone close to Daniel will never get over it.

Whilst at Haven we went swimming, visited the disco and watched the cabaret in the evening. The acts were very good as we joined in the fun singing along to the tunes Tina Turner, Take That, Abba and many more. We also watch the derby between Liverpool & Everton. Liverpool winning 2 - 0 . Billy`s for fit was to kiss the Liverpool badge on our tops.
Whilst in the area we also visited Porthmadog and Pwllheli.
On the last day after packing we headed off to Caernarfon Castle. Parking at the harbour and gathering our packed lunch we headed into the castle. There was plenty to see and do it was a huge castle.
Aaron again had yet another great day out and valuable learning experience. Both Aaron and Billy have a strong sense and interest in history. We watched a film about the castle`s history and climbed up to the top of the Eagle Tower. From the top of the tower there were fantastic views of surrounding Wales including the harbour and Anglesey.
We walked around the castle visiting all the towers the well tower with it`s huge well. There was a museum with the thrones the Queen and Prince Charles used when he was made Prince of Wales back in 1969. Also a museum on medieval soldiers and battles from back then to date both the boys found the castle very intresting. We headed home around tea time stopping on the Llanberis pass for a nice cup of tea. Again we had yet again another weekend adventure. Below are links to infomation on he castle.

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Melissa said...

I have to say that UK caravan holidays are becoming more and more popular with time. Maybe its partly due to the latest credit crunch, making holidays at home much cheaper than travelling abroad. So if you are budgeted its a fantastic way to holiday. We stopped at Thorpe Park, it is definitely a fantastic place to spend a few days or a week. I can't remember us having a bad day of weather, as we spent a lot of time on the theme park and venturing out to the surrounding areas. However even with bad weather the great thing with Haven parks is there are plenty of shows and cabarets to keep you entertained if it does rain, for both kids and adults.