Monday, April 26, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

What a wonderful weekend, we spent most of it at a friend`s house with him and his three girls. Aaron is adored by them, the kids played out across the field and on the park. Kevin and I sat chatting and enjoying the sunshine.
Later on Saturday, Aaron and I headed off to a party at the Flash in Welshpool. we also did a bit of shopping. Aaron had a great time in the swimming pool with his pals. All us mum`s had a good chinwag and caught up on all the latest gossip as you do. After the boys had finshed swimming we headed outside for a little tea party.
Afterwards we headed back to Kev`s for a lovely evening in good company, makes a change.
Sunday we headed to the car boot at Llangedwyn, we got some brilliant items which we are both chuffed with. Aaron got a new mountain bike with 18 gears and mid suspension, he is thrilled with it.
Later by popular request from the kids and Kevin, we headed back to Kevin`s house for another relaxing afternoon together. The kids get on brilliant as does Kev with Aaron.
Kev is the most honest, genuine, kind hearted man I have ever met, makes a change from all the lies deceit and aggression I have put up with in the past.
Later found out Kev was yet another bloody liar he was hiding a very dark sinsiter secret that he certainly wouldn`t want his mother to no about. I feel so sorry for those poor children. It makes me wonder are there any decent honest guys in this world ?????? I think not !
Kev and I remain friends but at a distance wonder why ?

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