Thursday, April 8, 2010

Briw Hike - Picnic By The Lakeside

Parking up at Uncle Lens in Llangedwyn, Aaron, Fred and I headed off for a walk up the Briw 6 miles in all. We left the car with Uncle Len, as a safety precaution as when Hiking alone in the middle of no were someone must be aware of where you are going in case of emergency.
We headed off up the lanes behind Llangedwyn.
This walk is very picturesque, it is a circular walk which takes you up the Briw with a beautiful lake at the top.
We stopped off at the lake for a picnic. and a rest for a while. The walk then takes you back down into the valley and onto the Green Inn road back towards Llangedwyn. The views of the Gurn are wonderful. This mountain range is famous it was in the film which starred Hugh Grant, The Man Who Came Up A Hill and Went Down A Mountain. This film was filmed all around Llanslin. At the lake there was a group of wild geese who were very inquisitive. We also came across a flock of sheep with young lambs these followed us for some time across the tops, these also came very close as you can see by the photographs.
The walk was lovely, made even better by the wonderful sunshine and views it had to offer. Enjoy the photo`s of wonderful Wales.

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