Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Birthday The White Feather - Visit To My Boys & The Seaside

A Visit From An Angel
The say a white feather floating down before you is an sign you have been visited by an Angel. The evening before my birthday Aaron and I were out side washing the camper and Fred our dog. I was deep in thought thinking of my precious Daniel who would be absent for yet another of my birthdays.
After a while in thought, a white feather floated down before me from no where. I picked it up and it now sits in my flower vase in the kitchen.
Was Daniel sending me a sign ? Over the last few days I have felt so much better in myself, since the delivery of the feather it has made me re think the real value of life and conclude were my next phase will be going.
I have always had the gift as many of my friends and family know but have never used it or practiced in any way. People are drawn to me especially those who can tell the future and the past I have had a few rather strange experience over the years.
I am now going to let the gift I have play a part in my life and see what happen`s.
Thank you Daniel for my birthday feather.
Having received some flowers for my birthday. I decided to take them down to the place were my boys have been laid to rest.
Whilst tending their grave again my mind began to drift.
Some people go out of your life even though they don't want to. You miss them so very much but there is little you can except remember them with fondness. I am always aware of my lost boys around me. At times I can feel their presents and even smell them.
The are always with you even though you cant see them. When the time comes they will be waiting by the big pearly gates for your arrival. I know they would say "why be so sad mum we did`nt want to leave you but we had to, we didn't have a choice."
I will always now when I think of my boys remember the happy times I had with them not the sad.

Do Not Stand By My Grave And Weep

Do not stand by my grave and weep,

I am not there; I do not sleep,

I am the thousand winds that blow,

I am the diamond glistens on the snow,

I am the sin on the ripen grain,

I am the gentle Autumn rain,

Whe you waken in the morinng`s hush,

I am the swift up lifting rush,

Of quite birdsin circling flight

I am the soft starlight at night,

Do not stand at mygrave and cry,

I am not there; I did not die.

As we continued our trip on the Wirral, we stopped off for some lunch before heading down to New Brighton, were I grew up. Aaron rode his bicycle along the promenade till we reached Vale Royal Park. We had a walk around the park.

Below is the old band stand. As a child on the hot summer days.My friend`s and I would walk along the beach taking a picnic up to the park.
I remember the shows at Vale Royal Park "Joy Time ". Here a group of adults would put on a show with talent contests, singing and lots of laughter. The shows were great fun. Afterwards we would all stroll home along the beach.

After walking round the park I gave Fred our dog a run on the beach. Again I spent many times here as a child. Walking along the golden sandy beaches and playing in the rock pools. The beaches on the Wirral side of the Mersey offer so much more than Liverpool. Looking across all you see is Seaforth docks which was very noisy on this day. For miles and miles you can walk along the coast form Seacombe to way past West Kirby and Hoylake. I have so many memories of my dogs and horses playing on the sand and in the surf.

Gazing across the Mersey, my mind began to wander yet again :-
Some people go out of your life that have treated you very badly and let you down completely due to their poor judgement, selfishness, jealousy, lies, deceit, weakness and failures.
These people, If they are capable of causing you so much hurt and heartache. They are not worthy and don't deserve to play a part in your. You are far better off without them.
My birthday was a turning point in my life, which started the day before with the visit of the white feather. I have closed the door on the past and re opened a new one, with an open mind and fresh idea`s, let`s see what our future holds from now on.

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